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Crying Frodo

Crying Frodo:
The Zine for Feeling People

Crying Frodo is a stream-of-consciousness-based B&W zine/booklet appearing monthly or almost-monthly.  Issues are 20 pages of non-fiction, fiction, poems, drawings, clipart, maps, quotes, vintage photos, fake research and more. In our hurried, virtual world, Crying Frodo brings an IRL slow take to your actual snail mail doorstep old-school style.

How to get it:

Prescriptions cost $15.
Prescriptions are 6 issues, starting with the most recent, mailed to you, over the next 8-10 months.  Please be sure to include your mailing address.
Here’s how to send me the $15.

Back issues are available for $2.00 each below.
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Volume 2:
Issue 1, Feb 2014: Dolly Parton & Other Dollys
“Dolly Parton and Other Dollys” looks at the anxiety of keeping secrets, considers flying cross country to #bowdown to your idol, wonders about the acreage of Dollywood, and receives visits from eight different Dolly Levis, plus a series of simple-machine-dollys.  Rabid fans will be especially rewarded.

Issue 2, April 2014: Other Voices, Other Zines
Issue 2.2 invents twenty-two as-of-yet non-existent, quite-possible, and arguably-lacking Zines.  This issue has been created with special excitement and specific consideration of the Brooklyn Zine Fest, at which Crying Frodo will be tabling, talking shop, and selling zines on Sunday, April 27.  Why not celebrate the coming-together of more than 75 zine-makers and creative minds by devising 22 more?

Issue 3, June 2014: An Abbreviated History of Medical Adventures - SOLD OUT
Don’t wake up in the middle of the night with what you later find out is a kidney stone.  Just don’t.  The experience will send you into a spiral of thinking about and around other times when your Virgo-Libra cusp self has been at the mercy of being nothing more than a physical body.  Includes a never-before-seen-health-timeline-centerfold.  Unbelievable!

Issue 4, August 2014: Daniel Remembers Jackson, A Short Fiction
Daniel is laying in the grass outside a hospital where his mother is inside asleep, dying of cancer.  In the falling light of evening, he re-imagines and re-plays a meeting with an ex-lover, Jackson, who carves carousel horses for a living in, of all places, Memphis, Tennessee.  Issue 4 is straight up short fiction.  Crying in spades.

Issue 5, October 2014: Dirty Limericks with Illustrations by Bee Catherine Campbell
In this, Crying Frodo’s first-ever full-scale collaboration, we present eleven new (as-yet-unscrawled onto bathroom stalls) dirty limericks accompanied by no-holds-barred illustrations by visual artist Bee Catherine Campbell.  Mother Superiors, Coopers, State Troopers, Hipsters, Sailors…from Yemen, Brittany, Frankfurt and other far-flung and nearby locales.  It’s all here, and it’s even covered in Glimmer Mist in either copper or silver, collect all two!

Volume 1:
Issue 1, Jan 2013: Eyeballs, Houseflies and Insomnia
The inaugural issue of Crying Frodo is a smashup of eyeball imagery, fake research on ocular experience and insectoid beings.  Fake recipes, true stories, pop-graphic clipart, advice from Mom, and so much more.

Issue 2, Feb 2013: The Love Issue - SOLD OUT
The Love Issue comes at the typical array of feelings by way of unrequited poems, Dominic Monaghan, candy hearts, more than you need to know about Lovebirds (it’s a metaphor, you’ll see) and asks what readers think of when they think of love. 

Issue 3, March 2013: The Neighborhood in 1992
#1.3 Looks at how memories of geography align with and obscure narratives from the authors childhood.  Using Google Maps and street photography, the author explores some known truths and curious possibilities about the mythologies of youth — injury, house fires, cat breeders, rotting cars — this issue has it all.

Issue 4, April 2013: Spring & Springs - SOLD OUT
“Spring & Springs” is a jumble of poems, original patent drawings, mathematics, jokes, neckwear, and even links to YouTube.  That’s right, folks, Issue #4 asks you to type printed URLs into your web browser.  How awesome is that??

Issue 5, May 2013: Wheel of Fortune + Imagined Identities
“Wheel of Fortune + Imagined Identities” looks at 24 game show contestants and conjures pasts and futures for their potential selves and their winnings.  Crying Frodo #5 celebrates the complex and/or straightforward (and/or some combination of both) lives of regular people asked to extend their experience plus intellect to surpass their previous identities.

Issue 6, June 2013: What We Are Living For Right Now
Cher, Didion, some hot dudes make dolls like back in the day, a story about me bidding on Arthur Laurents’ Golden Globe, bath bombs, some owls, and many other things that are making everything worth living.

Issue 7, Aug 2013: A Mystery Not Exactly Solved, or, Who Is This Orca, Anyway?
In this issue, the author spends several hours thinking quietly at the Syrup Stand.  One thing leads to another, and all is revealed…or is it?  What is the intersection between Killer Whales, Wikipedia and Battlestar Galactica?  What can we do when our histories won’t let go of us?

Issue 8, Oct 2013: Farmers’ Market Story: A Semi-Fiction
Issue #8 explores the relationship between money and lack of money, between community and impromptu community, between monotony and newness.  All in 20 pages of semi-fiction, photos, and very stupid questions.

Issue 9, Nov 2013: What We Are Crying About Right Now
In issue #9, Crying Frodo explores the things that bring us to tears because they are terrifying, terrible, uplifting, transformative, riddled with existential angst (and wonderment, and what is the difference?), and some things that are just plain shitty.  Feel like crying yourself to sleep?  This issue is for you.