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Fire Island / Follies

Short Fiction, 2014
Fire Island / Follies is a fictional memory piece consisting of 5 photographs
and 43 text segments written and edited in transit on my iPhone’s Notes application.
Screencapped, cropped, and assembled into tiny spiral-bound collectibles.
What happens when Stephen Sondheim and James Goldman’s “Follies” refuses
to leave the ears and experience of a man alone in a house full of vacationing women?
Fire Island / Follies is inspired by the ocean, communal living, and
the complexity of queer communities. Hand-numbered in a first edition of 100.


Poems, 2009
A limited-edition collection of 13 poems about
Vietnam, Passolini, Swedish Fish, Berry Avenue and more.
$10, including shipping.  Click here to purchase.
Cover image by David Bivins


Essays, 2006
Pocket-sized collected essays with an excerpt from Yield.
Travelogues from Iceland and London, a look into the legacy of
my grandfather’s alcoholism, four short shorts, and reflections on grief.
$10, including shipping.  Click here to purchase.